About Me - Barbara Oliver Photography

Barbara Oliver, Photographer

The avatar on this page is just that...an avatar. I choose not to post a photograph of myself, as the site is about my photographs, not me. My hope is that you will learn to "see" me through the  images I create and share with you.I have been interested in photography for many years, starting out in the film world with the usual point and shoot cameras, evolving to film SLR's and in the past 10 years, to digital cameras. However the camera is just a tool! It was not until I retired almost 10 years ago, that I had the time to emerge myself in creating images.Though the website displays a varied portfolio, it is said that "the first 10,000 photographs are just practice".....I am well beyond that and have  narrowed my photographic interests and pursuits to  Fine Art, Documentary and Photojournalism, and Project Series. I have recently begun using Fuji mirrorless cameras and am excited about their use in Street Photography!  The website is a work-in-progress....changing as my work...and I... evolve! Come along on the journey and  enjoy the ride! I know I will!

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